Tao Heart Tai Chi teaches Yang Style Traditional Tai Chi, Qigong, including Chinese Health Qigong, and Tai Chi Qigong.

All classes are taught by Steve Goodeve who is a Senior Instructor registered with the Tai Chi Union Great Britain (TCUGB), a British Health Qigong Association (BHQA) Instructor, and a Natural Energy Academy (Hong Kong) / Daogong UK Instructor.

All levels, beginners to advanced, are welcome.


Tai Chi:

Yang Cheng-fu Style 108 Postures Traditional Long Form, Cheng Man-ch'ing (Zheng Manqing) 37 Postures Short Form, Yang Style 18 Postures Short Form, Immortals Crossing the Sea** 16 Postures Form.

**Natural Energy Academy (Hong Kong) / Daogong UK accredited


Ba Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocade), Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Fa*, Da Wu (Big Dance)*, Shibashi 18-Step Taiji Qigong (1st Set), Liu Zi Jue (6 Healing Sounds)*, Ma Wang Dui Dao Yin Arts*, Open the Gates to Welcome Energy (Qilin Healing Dao)**, Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang (Health Preservation Stick Exercises)*, Wu Qin Xi (5 Animals Frolics)*, Yi Jin Jing (Tendon/Muscle Strengthening Exercises).

*Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) sets accredited by the British Health Qigong Association (BHQA)        **Natural Energy Academy (Hong Kong) accredited

Tai Chi Qigong:

Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing ~ Natural Energy Academy (Hong Kong) accredited


'Constant Bear' Exercises, Da-Lu (Big Roll-Back), Pushing Hands (Tui Shou), Silk Reeling Exercises (Chan Ssu Jing), Yang Style 42-Step Taijijian (Straight Sword), Taiji Walking Stick (Zhang), Wudang Stick Forms (Wu Dang San Feng Gun), Zhan Zhuang ('Pole' Standing).

Getting Started

The arts of Tai Chi and Qigong are rooted in experiential learning.

If you are interested in finding out more about these practices and would like to try a lesson, ask any questions, or discuss suitability, then please use the contact page to Email and/or telephone Tao Heart Tai Chi.

About Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai Chi brings together movement, meditation and martial arts.

Tai Chi has low impact; slow, soft repetitive movements which can help bring about a state of mental calm, while improving body awareness, balance, flexibility and suppleness.

Tai Chi movements emphasise spinal alignment, co-ordinated sequential movement, work a variety of different muscles, and can strengthen joints, ligaments, and tendons by working towards improving flexibility and range of motion.

Tai Chi Form (choreography or movement sequence) may bring awareness of Qi (Chi), the flow of vital energy in the body, and enhance a sense of wellbeing.

Qigong shares many of the same characteristics as Tai Chi (as above); but can be considered to be energy cultivation, and a means to accumulate, circulate and work with Qi (Chi).

Qigong  integrates physical movement or postures, breathing techniques and focussed intent (Yi), to promote harmony between the body and the mind.

Qigong combines meditation and relaxation and may increase awareness of Qi (Chi) sensations.

Regular Weekly Classes:

Marazion: Sunday  Tai Chi Qigong  9.30-10.30am & 10.45-11.45am

Marazion: Monday  Health Qigong  10.30-11.30am

Carbis Bay: Tuesday  Qigong  6.15-7.15pm  &  Tai Chi 7.20-8.20pm (Summer Break until September 2021)

Carbis Bay: Thursday  Tai Chi Qigong  6.30-7.30pm & 7.45-8.45pm (Summer Break until September 2021)

Marazion ~ Monthly Workshop Course: 'Immortals Crossing the Sea' Tai Chi (see Workshops Tab)

+ Regular Monthly Classes (please see Classes Tab)

+ Individual and/or small group Private Lessons are available by arrangement

NOTE: Tao Heart is planning a phased return to teaching as Lockdown restrictions are lifted, please see CORONAVIRUS NOTICE ~ Classes Tab